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We are the best in the business and look forward to helping you have that healthy, safe, and beautiful property you have always wanted. ​As professional arborists, we offer a wide range of tree removal services to cater to all your needs. We ensure all that we do prioritizes the safety of you and your environment.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is not always our first choice, but sometimes, tree removal services are necessary when the trees begin rotting, are diseased, have forked tops, or simply get old. In all these are hazardous scenarios, trees in any of these conditions are more likely to fall or catch fire. In any case, you risk injury, liability, and property damage.

Stump Removal

​Is there a stump in your way? Stop tripping over it and have it removed! Eliminating stumps can be part of the more extensive process of brush removal. If there’s too much overgrowth on your property, it is in your best interest to have it removed. ​Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you require professional expertise for stump removal services.

Lot Clearing

Looking for lot clearing services in Bend, Oregon, and the surrounding communities? Whether you will be building for residential or commercial, you need the property wholly cleared with all trees and stumps removed. With over 35 years of experience clearing lots safely, we provide full-service lot clearing to remove all unwanted trees, brush, stumps, and vegetation.

Tree Trimming & Preservation

Having your trees trimmed at the seasonally appropriate time using individualized species pruning techniques is critical to your trees’ health, beauty, and longevity. As professional arborists, we can properly diagnose health issues of your trees and provide care, tree preservation, or, if needed, tree removal.

​Programmed Tree Maintenance

Pruning trees is like art, but with a chainsaw. Giving new life direction is a favorite tree service of Arbor Tree Care LLC. We help preserve the health and beauty of your trees and are happy to come and thin, reduce dead-weight, restore tree crowns, and provide clearance for homes and structures.

Storm/Snow Damage & Prevention

Central Oregon storms and snow can take a toll on our trees and landscaping. There are unfortunate times when the weight of the snow and the winds are too much for trees, and they come crashing down into homes, cars, and other structures. We can clear your property of damaged and fallen trees.

Fire Prevention

Living in Central Oregon, you must already know we have a wildfire season from May through September. Having a defensible space around your home is very important, and Arbor Tree Care LLC can help give your home the protection needed through wildfire fuel reduction. Our staff will come to clear off an appropriate, defensible space while teaching you how to properly maintain it and keep your home safe.


Arbor Tree Care LLC will come out and chip your brush pile using our industrial chippers. You have the option to keep them to use for ground cover or have us haul them away. If you’re looking for wood chips for pastures, ground cover, or gardens, we can help you out.

Think dangerous trees are on your property? We can assess the situation to provide you with the best solution.