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“ARBOR TREE CARE is the BEST tree service in Central Oregon!

I have been a professional gardener and licensed landscape contractor in Bend for 42 years. For all these years, Arbor Tree Care has been my source for tree pruning and removal of large trees. Arbor Tree Care knows how to correctly and safely cut and drop large trees on small or large sites. The team is skilled and professional.

A client of mine had an attached garage where the outside wall was built right up to a massive Ponderosa Pine. As time went on, the tree grew into the siding and when the wind blew, you could hear the entire home creak.

We called in Arbor Tree Care. This huge tree was carefully removed and cut to the ground safely, saving the integrity of the entire home. The team did an exceptional job!

I highly recommend using Arbor Tree Care for small and large pruning jobs on your site.”

Maureen K.

“Russell Abt and Arbor Tree Care are the real deal! Old school service, professionalism, and competency. Be sure and use ABT when you have need of an arborist. And double check that they are owned and operated by Russell Abt. Some of his competition use business names very similar to his. I give ABT my highest recommendation!”

Jeb B.

“A truly professional outfit… I was surprised at how fast and efficiently they worked. If you need tree work done, especially if it is a tricky job, these are the guys to call.”
Tom S.

“Your crew are hard workers and very polite.”

Larry G

“Thanks for doing such a great job. I was home and watched your crew! Always such a pleasure to know things are in your hands.”
Jean L.

“The man who does this work is an artist!”
Janet W.

“You’ll know you’ve got the right Arbor Tree Care on the job when you hear Russell’s laugh… ​​It shows up before he does!”

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